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"I have these skills and don't know how to package them."Save yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our transformational program and powerful community deliver the results you've been looking for, fast.

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You have expertise and experience. Your inner circle is well aware of how amazing you are, but making money and increasing your time to do things you love evades you. You are actively consulting right now, or have tried consulting in the past, or are open to the possibilities.You might have had some months be decent, and other months be bad. You can't seem to find a consistent way to make money and keep clients. When you do have work it takes up a lot of your time. You find yourself not having time for things you love. You don't know who consulting is for, but it is not for you. To top things off, it’s lonely.You received recommendations to blog, or start a podcast, have a website, make business cards, or post regularly on social media sites. This is going to yet another thing to learn and become proficient at. You don't have time for this. There has to be an easier way. You want results and you want them quickly.You are looking to take your expertise and leverage it to give you the financial status you desire, the disposable time to do what you want in life, and do it on your own terms. There's a big opportunity out there and you want to capture the upside in 2021.We can can help.

You, transformed

Consulting Club's course will help you build a lucrative consulting practice.We offer a hyper-focused experience designed for freelancers, contractors, consultants, or full-time professionals focused on achieving results quickly. It's not for everyone.You will learn a step-by-step method for translating your know-how into a six-figure independent consulting practice that also increases the amount of time you are able to spend on the parts of your life you deeply care about, build your social equity, and create new opportunities for you to leverage your personal brand.More specifically, you will leave this course with the abilities to:
-Clearly explain what you do
-Price your offering
-Sell your offering
-Land your first client
-Utilize a framework for future offerings
Consulting Club offers a powerful, private community. Members receive feedback, share wins, get public amplification support, meet new friends, ask for help, and share work.What about the results?From our experience, we observe members feel it in hours, see it in weeks, and hear it in months.

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